about us

about us

Let’s All Be Free is a cross-platform initiative that encourages individuals all over the world to seek out free lives through the exploration and celebration of the many expressions that can lead to that freedom.

People who are free seek peace and prosperity in their lives and the lives of others.

It is through being free that we learn to accept the ideas of others as we are allowed to express our own.

Learning to listen and communicate effectively, and without prejudice, with others allows us to build free and peaceful societies.

We are a platform for creativity and debate; a film festival; an interactive website; a social media presence; a blog; an outreach program and an aim to spread awareness of what being free means to individuals across the planet.

about us

Our goal is peace and understanding between individuals and nations all over the world.

We want to be at the forefront of helping to create many safe forums where people from all over the world can discuss what being free means to them, and how they can spread peace, prosperity, and freedom to the many people around the globe.

We discuss, debate and question the definitions and implications of being free in our world, and in doing so hope to foster acceptance, discovery, and the encouragement of global understanding.

our mission

To open a safe forum where people from all over the world can discuss freedom’s many definitions and implications and in doing so foster acceptance, peace, discovery and further global understanding.

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being free

The questions of what we do at Let’s All Be Free (LABF), and how we do it are easy ones to answer.

At LABF we get people together who are open to exploring the artistic and the creative. We open spaces, solicit films and other forms of art; we screen, display and share ideas.

We encourage dialogue and discussion, through panels and group participation to foster tolerance and understanding around the world.

At LABF we ask hard questions, and uncover difficult truths. Through this collaborative process we discover overlooked stories, unheard questions, and unseen experiences.

Together we help others to see the struggles people go through in their daily lives, and yet, through LABF we also find the beautiful, the unexpected, the heartwarming, and the inspiring.

The question of why we do what we do is probably harder to answer, but possibly more important.

Inequality exists in many forms, as I have witnessed, and experienced around the world.

Is what has been created over many centuries what we want to pass on to our children?

I started the Let’s All Be Free project six years ago with the goal of raising awareness.

Through LABF I wanted to encourage people to think about their lives, and what they wanted out of those lives.

I wanted people to become more aware of the societies and cultures that we as humans have built and perpetuated around us.

I believe that we can change what may have grown outdated or now seems misguided.

Through coming together and sharing our experiences we can help one another expand our understanding of each other.

Let’s All Be Free is my attempt to encourage people to think about how they might change their lives for the better, and embrace an opportunity to live fully, freely, and with equality.

It is my hope that Let’s All Be Free will inspire a worldwide movement that will in turn inspire dialogue and discussion, which will lead to constructive and positive action and improve all of our lives.

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about us

We are you – people from all over the world wanting to learn what freedom means to others and to ourselves.

We are sponsored by Unusuality Productions, an international and independent film production company based in London, the United States and Jordan.

Join us in fostering understanding, acceptance, and insight through this relevant, global discussion!

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how can you get involved

Join us at our upcoming LABF Festival 2016 from 12-16 October 2016 in London, UK.

Send in your thoughts, films, stories, essays, pictures, videos, artwork, music, testimonials – anything that expresses what being free means to you by emailing it or tweeting it to us @LetsAllBeFree.

Are you a writer? We’re always looking for contributions to our blog. Submit your thoughts and essays here, and stay tuned for the latest posts (which we welcome your comments on).

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facilitated discussion

Is your group, school, or institution interested in a Let’s All Be Free facilitated discussion? Contact us for how we can help raise awareness of freedom in your community.

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 film festival

The Let’s All Be Free Film Festival explores and celebrates what ‘being free’ means to people all over the world, via the medium of film.

We seek to create a comfortable and open forum that will encourage constructive dialogue and debate around the notion of being free, with the aim of creating greater understanding and awareness around this vital issue.

We want to use this enhanced knowledge and insight to implement a tangible, positive force in the world around us, and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

The Festival is an annual event, and will take place every year in London with plans for satellite festivals in Europe and the USA in the future.

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One of the ways we want to achieve this is through creative expression – through the powerful and timeless medium of film.

We seek to find the best, boldest and brightest cinematic expressions of what ‘being free’ means, and showcase them to the world.

We want to know what being free means to YOU.

We welcome anyone who is interested in becoming involved, in whatever way you can. If you have something to say about what being free means to you, then we want to hear it.


Let’s All Be Free was founded in 2012 by award-winning film director Tariq Nasir, who has been exploring issues of equality and what it means to be free all his life.

Born in New York to an American mother and a Palestinian father, Tariq has lived in Palestine, Jordan, the UK and the US, and has always wanted to improve communication and understanding between people, a shared aim of the Let’s All Be Free project.

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The inaugural Let’s All Be Free Film Festival was held at the Brunei Gallery in central London in 2013, the the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton in 2014, and 2015 in Hoxton, East London.

All a resounding success!

Hundreds of film-lovers, filmmakers, activists, academics, press, curious participants and the general public gathered to watch superb new short films from around the world – a truly diverse range of fascinating voices that explored what it means to be free.

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We hosted panel discussions and audience Q&As with high-profile guests such as BAFTA nominated director Kim Longinotto, Amnesty International, filmmaker and award-winning human rights activist Marijn Poels, civil liberties organisation Liberty, The Equality Trust, Institute for Fiscal Studies economist Prof. Richard Disney, and many, many more.

We hosted many international filmmakers visiting from across the world to see their film on the big screen at our festival.

The Festival is an annual event, and will take place every year in London with plans for satellite festivals in Europe and the USA in the future.

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