As an artist, what does being free means to you and how would you express this through your medium of choice?”

Throughout this project we are asking this question to artists from various cultural backgrounds, using different medium, to help us explore through art what being free means.

Freedom has a multitude of facets and in so many complex combinations and variations. A concept sometimes too intricate and too personal to express clearly with words, and for which art often provides an ideal outlet. However each medium whether two or three dimensional brings its own set of restrictions to the creative process, we are curious to discover if these restrictions enhance the process or hinder it.  Does creating art with a theme in mind takes away the spontaneity and creative freedom or does it enriches it by giving the artists the opportunity to step out in new territories.

Through this project, we are opening the conversation and we welcome your voices, contributions and ideas to help us understand better what being free means to you as an artist and through art.

We are currently working on the following practices: Photography, Painting/Drawing, Sculpture. Each of them offering different perspectives through the eyes of various artists. If you would like to take part please get in touch and email us at, we would love to hear from you.


What does being free means to you?

“For me it’s very important to find a personal connection with the photos. They also allow me to connect with a city where I’ve been living for two years now. I live really close to Victoria Park. I love to walk from my apartment to the park, bordering Regents Canal.

What I wanted to express with these photos is the serene and calm atmosphere of places like parks and canals. It still amazes and delights me how, amidst the activity of an enormous city like London, it’s possible to find these places to walk in silence, contemplate nature, and be free with your own thoughts. These walks give me a great sense of freedom allowing me to disconnect for a moment from the little worries of everyday life and recharge my energy.

I have not used titles for the photos. The meaning comes as a whole, all together – the park, the doves, the animals in the park and the canal, the sun and how its reflection works.”


Maria is a freelance photographer (HNC Photography and Media), she moved to London from Barcelona two years ago to explore new photography opportunities. She works on a wide range of projects for advertisers and events, as well as portraits, travel photography and weddings.

“I pride myself on my ability to make the most of every photo, to be creative and resourceful in my approach and to have a keen eye for lighting and detail. I love to travel too and I try to combine my two passions in every way I can, I love to see new places and capture every moment in a picture.”

Maria Torrens


Instagram @mariatorrensphoto