“Friends of the Festival” Friday!

This week we speak to Ariana Cohen-Halberstam from Boston Jewish Film Festival…

Tell us about your Festival:

The Boston Jewish Film Festival presents films on Jewish themes. These films show the richness and diversity of the Jewish experience both today and throughout history.

We believe deeply in the importance of post-screen conversations so bring filmmakers and other special guests to Boston for Festival Q+As.

The Festival takes place during 2 weeks every November but the Boston Jewish Film Festival also has programs around the year – from previews and stand-alone screenings to an encore series in the summer.

boston jewish film festival
Cast and crew from the film “Dough” on stage speaking about their film.

How was your Festival created?

The Boston Jewish Film Festival was founded in 1989 by filmmaker Michal Goldman.

When Goldman founded the Festival, she thought it would be a one-time event which would exhibit the diversity of Jewish experiences and perspectives.

But the films and the programs around them were so enthusiastically received that  the Festival has continued to grow over the past 28 years.

boston jewish film festival
Attendees arriving for Opening Night 2015.

Describe your Festival in three words:

Art, community, conversation.

boston jewish film festival
A full crowd!

What compelled you to partner with Let’s All Be Free?

Like Let’s All Be Free, the BJFF believes that film has the power to help create a better world.

We hope to broaden people’s understanding of others’ lives and do so by showing unique, important stories on screen alongside more familiar reflections of our own lives.

So many of the films in the BJFF are about people who are working to create a better, freer world so a partnership with Let’s All Be Free was an obvious one!

boston jewish film festival
Artistic Director, Ariana Cohen-Halberstam and Board President, Denise Widman.

What does being free mean to you?

Freedom means being able to share ideas and beliefs openly and to live without persecution or fear of persecution.

boston jewish film festival
Attendees having fun at the FreshFlix Short Film Competition and Party.

THE boston jewish FILM FESTIVAL TAKES PLACE NOVEMBER 9-21, 2016. FIND OUT MORE: bjff.org

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