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Liberty by Joe Roberts

A new article on Isaiah Berlin’s concepts of positive and negative liberty, and their impact on the author’s journey into discovering how to attain greater freedom – by Joe Roberts.

“To know one’s chains is the first step to freedom, which may never come if one loves or ignores them.” 


The Ick List

Our Assistant Producer, Nadia Nasir, argues the case for adding something to her ‘Ick List’… read on to find out what exactly it is and why it makes her feel quite so ill…

In ancient Thebes, a king discovers a truth so horrifying that he blinds and exiles himself, prepared to suffer through the rest of his living days. This is the tragic ending of Oedipus The King, a play written by Sophocles and the kind of Grecian drama that no modern soap opera could ever hope to rival. Because the horrible truth King Oedipus discovers is the worst of the worst – it turns out he murdered his father and sired children with his own mother. Which, we can all agree, is totally, totally gross. […]

The Common Denominator of War

Our own Nadia Nasir wonders what is worth remembering on Armistice Day if we cannot seem to stop going to war…

On November 11, 1918 at eleven o’clock in the morning, a war-torn Europe finally reached armistice. Seven months later, a treaty was signed in Versailles, and it was official: World War I was a thing of the past.

So much a thing of the past, in fact, that on a bright autumn morning ninety-four years later, as I sit on my couch sipping coffee, I’m surprised to hear the radio announce the anniversary of Armistice Day – or, as it’s known today in the U.S., Veterans Day[…]

One Question

A new article from Tom Gasparoli – Emmy Award-winning journalist, newspaper columnist and author:

Two men debate in Denver, Colorado. Tens of millions around the world watch.

One will be the president of the United States next January, his hands at levers of power – and responsibility – that stretch worldwide.

What if the moderator had asked them: what does being free mean to you? What should it mean to the people in your country…or around the globe? […]