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The Train That Never Came

Tony Cox shares his experience of mental illness with us, and why he founded ‘Free and Above’, an organisation which supports those who suffer with mental health problems.


June 15. That’s the day I could’ve and should’ve been dead. I lay next to the railroad tracks at 1am, drunk, more of a mess then than I was before. But let me tell you about before, so you understand how I got here. Before the breakdown, and my walk to what really should’ve been the place I took my last breath.


A Collective Courage

There is no question – a 15-year-old Pakistani girl has become synonymous worldwide with courage: Malala.

It is a beautiful name – melodic and memorable – yet its fame and familiarity over the last few weeks derive from an unspeakably cruel act. That paradox, perhaps, provides its strength.

The fact is: one ordinary yet extraordinary young woman, shot and nearly killed by those in Pakistan who would deny her and other girls’ the right to education – to their own opinions, growth and accomplishments – is rightfully a global icon and inspiration. […]