ECU Film Festival

“Friends of the Festival” Friday!

This week we speak to Scott Hillier from ÉCU Film Festival…

Tell us about your Festival:

ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival discovers, projects and promotes the best indie films from around the World. We are based in Paris and will be celebrating our 12th year in April 2017.

Every year we project around 100 of the best indie films from all over the planet during our 3-day main event in Paris.

After the festival we embark on our ‘ÉCU-On-The-Road’ tour which get’s our award-winning films a global tour and helps them to reach audiences they would normally not reach thanks to our more then 70 partners.

We pride ourselves on being a filmmakers festival – ÉCU IS run by filmmakers and we remain dedicated to helping indie filmmakers find and develop their creative talents.

ECU Film Festival
Opening night of ÉCU Film Festival 2016.

How was your Festival created?

ÉCU was founded by indie film director Scott Hillier in 2006.

Scott is an award winning film director (Behind the eyes of war) who spent several years as a war cameraman for The BBC, was the cinematographer of the Academy-Award winning documentary Twin Towers (2003) and has directed documentaries (National Geographic, Discovery Channel), commercials (GE) as well as theatre (Deadman’s Mail).

He believed that there was a market that wasn’t being served in Europe along the lines of Sundance and decided that there was a need for a festival that supported filmmakers that were on the fringe, worked hard, made great films but didn’t receive the recognition that they deserved.

ECU Film Festival
Interviewing filmmakers at ÉCU Film Festival 2016.

Describe your Festival in three words:

Indie. Open. Exceptional.

ECU Film Festival
Hitting the streets of Paris to spread the word about the ÉCU Film Festival.

What compelled you to partner with Let’s All Be Free?

We believe that there is nothing more important in a film festival then the films, and the filmmakers, themselves.

Hence we believe that collaboration is important in helping to discover and promote great cinema to as many people as we possibly can.

Let’s All Be Free seems to be a great fit for us – we don’t like boundaries and closed mindedness.

ECU Film Festival
Winning filmmakers receiving their awards.

What does being free mean to you?

Free to express. Free to create. Free to beat our fears.

ECU Film Festival
The ÉCU team at Cannes 2016.


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