When and where is LABFFF held?

The 5th annual Let’s All Be Free Film Festival will be held in London between September 20 and 24 2017. All venue locations will be announced this summer.

How do I submit my film to the Festival?

Submission is easy via Withoutabox or FilmFreeway through the buttons below. Go ahead and submit to join a community of talented filmmakers from around the world.

It’s completely free to set up a Withoutabox or FilmFreeway account, and is the best (and only) way to submit your film to us. We cannot accept films submitted other ways.

Please remember: we do not watch nor accept submissions that have not been submitted via Withoutabox or FilmFreeway.



What are the selection criteria?

All submissions can be short films or feature lengths that somehow relate to the theme of ‘being free’. Films can be fiction, documentary, docu-fiction, mockumentary, experimental, of any genre – as long as it relates to the theme of ‘being free’ and freedom, whatever your interpretation of that may be.

We do NOT accept music videos, commercials, corporate videos or educational videos. We also do NOT accept films that were completed before 1st January 2015.

Films must also fall into one of the following categories:

Expressions: Up to 5 minutes in length; fiction or documentary
Fiction: 5 to 30 minutes short / 30 to 120 minutes feature
Documentary: 5 to 30 minutes short / 30 to 120 minutes feature

Check out our festival guidelines for further information.

But what are you really looking for?

The goal of the Let’s All Be Free Film Festival is to explore and celebrate what ‘being free’ means to you as an individual, through the powerful medium of film, however that may be interpreted.

The films we screen will be examining different ways of what being free (or not) in life means to the filmmaker – in the past the films explored many topics such as freedom of speech, information, sexuality, or expression to just name a few.

Production values are obviously important to us because we want to present well made films, but topic is much more interesting to us because we want to bring new and diverse films to our viewers. So even if you are a first time filmmaker, with a compelling story to tell, please send us your film.

Your film could be taking a look at a personal freedom, philosophical freedom, religious freedom, political freedom, economic freedom; or being free to travel, to work, to marry, or to just to be yourself.

Being free can apply to all of us as humans on this planet; our festival is looking for the many different and interesting interpretations of ‘being free’ to share with the world.

Do you offer fee waivers?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer fee waivers.

As our submission fees contribute to the running of the festival, we are unable to provide any waivers or discounts.