Global Peace Film Festival

“Friends of the Festival” Friday!

This week we speak to Nina Streich from Global Peace Film Festival…

Tell us about your Festival:

The Global Peace Film Festival, established in 2003, uses the power of the moving image to further the cause of peace on earth.

From the outset, the GPFF envisioned “peace” not as the absence of conflict but as a framework for channeling, processing and resolving conflict through respectful and non-violent means.

People of good faith have real differences that deserve to be discussed, debated and contested. GPFF works to connect expression – artistic, political, social and personal – to positive, respectful vehicles for action and change.

The festival program is carefully curated to create a place for open dialogue, using the films as catalysts for change.

Global Peace Film Festival
Filmmakers at the Filmmakers Party.

How was your Festival created?

The GPFF was founded in response to the Iraq War with the first festival taking place in the year the war started. Since then, it has sought to inform and inspire the local community to get involved with action for peace and environmental sustainability.

The festival is based in Central Florida, very near the Pulse nightclub. The 2016 festival is dedicated to Orlando’s diverse community and to its inspiring response to that terrible tragedy.

Since 2012, there has also been an online component of the festival showing mainly short films that are available through the GPFF website 24/7 throughout the week of the festival.

Global Peace Film Festival
Attendees on the red carpet at the Opening Night Party.

Describe your Festival in three words:

Wow! That’s hard…  Engaging, provocative, inspiring.

Global Peace Film Festival
A panel discussion at Global Peace Film Festival.

What compelled you to partner with Let’s All Be Free?

There is a similarity to the missions of our festivals and we can help expand our audiences by partnering.

Global Peace Film Festival
A full house at Global Peace Film Festival.

What does being free mean to you?

Being free means living life to the fullest, with love and respect for all of humanity. Peace and freedom go hand in hand.

Global Peace Film Festival
Students learning about Global Peace Film Festival.

THE global peace FILM FESTIVAL TAKES PLACE september 19-26, 2016. FIND OUT MORE:

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