labfff 2015


a stage for size

A Stage For Size

Documentary / USA / Director: Corina Maritescu

The film is the story of a few women whose journey in life is one of self-love, self-care and self-acceptance.

one if by land

One, If By Land

Documentary / USA / Director: Nandini Sikand

This documentary explores the politics of undocumented immigration to the global North via land, sea and air.



Documentary / Canada / Director: Lucius Dechausay

When a group of citizens and protestors are surrounded on a busy intersection by hundreds of riot officers, freedom and civil liberties are put to the test.

daughter of an ocean

Daughter of an Ocean

Expressions / USA / Director: Kintan Chauhan

When remembering the story of a fish told to her by her mother, Daughter ‘Suni’ realises that the story was not just about little fish who wanted to live freely, but was meant for her to understand that she should live her life with freedom, as her mother never did.

a drag queen for kids

A Drag Queen For Kids

Documentary / USA / Director: Byron Karabatsos

A Drag Queen for Kids follows Dito Van Reigersberg and his alter ego, Martha Graham Cracker, as they prepare for and perform a kids show.

beckys journey

Becky’s Journey

Documentary / Denmark / Director: Sine Plambech

Becky is a 26 year old Nigerian woman who wants to go to Europe to sell sex. She already tried twice.

open closet policy

Open Closet Policy

Documentary / USA / Director: Flora Namala

A student made documentary delving into the lives and stories of high school students pertaining to the LGBT community.

the wind in our hair

The Wind in Our Hair

Documentary / USA / Director: Jennifer Hardacker

The Wind in Our Hair celebrates the way bicycling can bring joy, increase self-confidence, and boost an overall sense of well being

once upon a zipper

Once Upon A Zipper

Fiction / USA / Director: Christie Conochalla

Rachel can’t stop herself from falling in love with Paulie, the woman who helps her try on dresses for her wedding to Randy. The story unfolds by way of classic lesbian romantic comedy shenanigans.

tiny bible

Tiny Bible

Fiction / UK / Director: Zu Quirke

Sarah is a thinspo blogger. When she meets one of her online fans IRL, she hopes to make a real connection. But things take a turn as she realises that her guidance is not as helpful as she thought…

the story of the little girl who loved butterflies

The Story of the Little Girl Who Loved Butterflies

Expressions / USA / Director: Paula du Gelly

Where she wanted to go, she had to go alone. No one could come with her, especially her past.

golden shot

Golden Shot

Fiction / Turkey / Director: Gökalp Gönen

Rusty machines live in their small houses, imagining that the sun will come and take them to the sky someday. A small light which keeps them alive and dreaming. But one of the machines wants to see the sun for himself…



Expressions / Sweden / Director: Yana Martsynkevych

Based on a true story. A young woman is haunted by a life-changing decision, and its impact on the people she loves most.



Fiction / UK / Director: John Robert Brown

Promise explores the relationship between a couple in their early thirties in London. The narrative follows Louise, one half of this couple.

in a good way

In A Good Way

Expressions / USA / Director: Yi Ju Tsai

This poetic story addresses how society tries to shape and distort people, creating awareness of respecting one’s true voice and following one’s natural path.

make me happy cookie

Make Me Happy Cookie

Fiction / Germany / Director – Sabine Wolf

Lea hides her real age behind a mask to be accepted in a world where it seems to be important to be young and happy until her best friend disappears.



Fiction / Australia / Director: Tristan Klein

In a city where words become outlawed, two pencils try and make their voices heard.

the nice house

The Nice House

Documentary / Australia / Director: Louise Turley

The Nice House tells Rosie’s story: how the man she met and fell in love with would one day murder their only son.

angry ray

Angry Ray

Fiction / France / Director: Yoann Boisson

All his life Ray has condensed his feelings and memories, internalised and imploded. He has lived in a latent violence, locking himself inside himself, creating his own dungeon.

good muslim girls

Good Muslim Girls

Documentary / USA / Director: Marilyn Agrelo

In Iraq, two young women explain why they don’t cover their heads or submit to society’s increasing restrictions.

party line

Party Line

Expressions / USA / Director: Alan Magee

The satirical song Party Line comments on the universally-recognised fact of total surveillance.



Fiction / Germany / Director: Gregor Höppner

Nazi Germany. October 1944. A 60 year old Jewish woman from the village Anrath, in the Lower Rhine Region, is being deported.

reinventing the reel

Reinventing the Reel

Documentary / Canada / Director: Michael Gorlick

Reinventing the Reel gives an overview of the Hollywood treatment of LGBT portrayals in film, how it has changed, and why is important to continue to change.



Documentary / USA / Director: Alexandra Liveris

A sleepwalker’s sense of identity is turned inside out after tracking her nighttime journey with surveillance cameras.

the monkey drew the bars of its cage

The Monkey Drew the Bars of its Cage

Documentary / New Zealand / Director: Henry Bennison

A culture of silence accompanies any taboo, but no other issue inspires a greater stigmatism than paedophilia.

anonymous a million men

Anonymous: A Million Men

Documentary / UK / Director: Patrick Ireland

They are the 99%.  Join filmmaker Patrick Ireland as he tumbles down the rabbit hole, penetrating the very core of Anonymous in the build-up to the infamous ‘Million Mask March’ on the 5th of November 2014.

epicly palestined

Epicly Palestine’d

Documentary / UK / Director: Theo Krish

The story of a group of Palestinian teenagers who created a skate scene from scratch, in a country where you can’t even buy a skateboard, whilst facing the challenges of living under military occupation.



Fiction / Italy / Director: Roberto Carta

This is the story of Michele Muras, a prisoner in the Asinara prison. Michele is a talented hairdresser, which means he is very much liked by the wives of the prison guards and of the local officials.