Please Come Again

Documentary / USA / Director: Alisa Yang

Japan’s Love hotels offer a private space for not only for sex, but for intimacy and freedom of expression in a culture that demands selfless conformity, especially women. “Please Come Again” is a poetic contemplation in one’s sexuality, femininity, and cultural identity.

In A Flash

Expression / UK / Director: Sophie Austin

A girl is out shopping with her mother in a small Moroccan market town. She is bored and sits waiting at yet another stall. Suddenly a cat appears and the girl follows it. Like Alice down the rabbit hole, she discovers a strange and curious world.

Exile Incessant

Fiction / UK / Director: James Reynolds

Two South African families live in self imposed exile in London. Ryan and Lizzie fall in love and the film negotiates the couple’s trials at the hand of their elders. 

Off The Cut

Documentary / UK / Director: Wendy Zakiewicz

Off the Cut provides unique insight into a community of boaters living on the Kennet and Avon canal. The film follows a family on their pedal powered boat as they embark on a journey in which their way of life, and that of the whole community, comes under threat.

A Couple

Expression / France / Director: David Steiner

Three minutes in the life of a couple.

Seven Questions About Being Twenty-Seven

Fiction / Mexico / Director: Alejandra Carmen Díaz

From the depths of her subconscious, Alejandra, carries out an internal dialogue, in order to repair the spiritual distortion she has on the world. She finds the cure for her obnoxious depression, through a metaphysical and reflective purge which allows her to understand the nature of life.


Documentary / USA / Director: Andy Galloway

Wally Linebarger: a man caught in the turbulence of truth. Plagued by a past that longs to define him and a future that remains unsure; Wally presses forward. Despite a life of gain and loss, three lights continue to guide him.


Expression / USA / Director: Anja Høvik Strømsted

A tomboyish girl finds herself trapped in a nightmare with two violent guys and must find a way out.

Notorious Corn

Fiction / France / Director: Mallory Grolleau

It’s the story of a small grain of corn that dreamed about glory. He’s going to succeed… Unfortunately…

Who I Am

Fiction / UK / Director: Monika Wilczynska

‘Who I Am’ is a drama short film tackling the subject of identity in relationship to religion from the perspective of a young transgender teenager.


Expression / UK / Director: Shahrokh Na’el

Contemplating the ravages of age, his latest work, Obsolescence, examines the perfunctory roll ascribed to the elderly in a culture enthralled by the allure of youth and incessant, rapid change.


Expression / USA / Director: Melody Shih

CacophoNY is a 2D animation and motion graphics video that combines illustrations, abstract textures and color to create patterns that visualize unseen daily sounds. Through the eyes and ears of a young girl, the viewer can escape the harsh sounds of the urban environment and find solace in a serene inner world.


Documentary / Bangladesh / Directors: Francesca Scalisi & Mark Olexa

Summer 2014. Rural Bangladesh. ‘I came from Heaven. I came to destroy all bad things in the world. I’m a flower angel. I’m a police officer. I got a job at the police station. I will punish them. I will put them in jail.’. This is the story of a girl and the tragedy that changed her life.


Documentary / USA / Directors: Thomas C. Johnson & Neal Abbott

Ironhead documents the creative work of ironmonger Kelly Ludeking and the happenings at his Down on the Farm Iron Pour, a yearly communal gathering of local and national artists collaborating to make cast iron art at the Ludeking family farm in Decorah, Iowa.

Sunrise In Barcelona

Expression / Spain / Director: Manel Cebrian

Barcelona, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In this short you will have the oportunity to see a glorious sunrise in this wonderful city and how the trickles of light are reflected all over the city. Enjoy it…


Expression / Japan / Director: Hamish Downie

After being discovered trying to escape, a woman must survive the night with her abusive girlfriend.

Faustus: Remixed

Fiction / UK / Directors: Tali Clarke & Charlie Dupré

A man sees an advertisement on the tube offering the chance to ‘be someone.’ Feeling trapped in the seeming emptiness of modern life, he signs a contract with a mysterious visitor. ‘Faustus: Remixed’ is a visceral, high-octane retelling of Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe’s famous tale, exploring the notion of the soul for a contemporary audience.

Piece Of Cake

Fiction / USA / Director: Ella Lentini

Sarcastic & complicated Jessie and her free-spirited girlfriend, Alex couldn’t be any more different from each other, but cupid’s arrow is blind, and it was love at first sight. After a year of dating paradise, things go awry when Jessie’s parents, who are unaware that Alex is a girl, arrive to town for their anniversary. At a crossroads, Jessie must decide between revealing her sexuality to her parents, or losing the love of her life.


Fiction / Sweden / Director: Sophia Bösch

Two young women are sitting by a fire in the woods. They drink and discuss the future. The following morning, one of them is gone. We follow Katja as she wanders the woods in search of her friend, when she reaches a road and potential help.

Working With Disability

Documentary / UK / Director: Ashar Smith

Working With Disability is a short film in which people who have either a disability or mental health problems share their experiences of employment.

The Black Friday

Documentary / Palestine / Director: Jozef Nateel

In the summer of 2014, Israel has launched a large-scale military offensive against the Gaza Strip lasted for 51 days. The Human Rights organizations have documented over 140 Palestinian murder cases during what the Palestinians came to call THE “BLACK FRIDAY”

Evil’s Evil Cousin

Fiction / UK / Director: Richard Hunter

During Pastor Bob’s service one of the congregation takes a turn for the worse, inadvertently birthing himself out of himself; resulting in the arrival of his evil twin – ‘Evil Terry’. Pastor Bob takes this as a sign from God, a test, a renewal of his lacking belief – perhaps – perhaps not. Food fights, trouser removal and shotgun exorcisms ensure and like all good things, the story ends in a sing song.

The Lobster Kid

Fiction / Taiwan / Director: Joseph Chen-Chien Hsu

SIANG is a 13 year old orphan girl who works for a gang as a street vendor. Her dream is to move to Taitung for pursuit of a better life. One day, when she attempts to secretly get on a train, her boss notices and gets rid of her train ticket. When Siang feels like there’s no way out, she meets a street MONK, who begs for money on streets in a vow to silence. Intrigued by his silent kindness and in order to fulfill her duty as a street vendor, Siang joins the monk traveling door to door for later to find their partnership is mutually beneficial. But the fun journey between Siang and the Monk spirals into something unexpected.

Till Death Do Us Part

Documentary / UK / Director: Penelope Antorkas

Everyone likes to watch a good horror film, whether it’s clutched up on the sofa with your girlfriend/boyfriend or choking with laughter and popcorn among your mates. For Grant though, horror is his creed; every Halloween and Friday the 13th is a religious holiday that’s been set aside to watch his favorite movies. But does his devoutness leave him isolated and would he give it up for the love of his life?


Documentary / UK / Director: Marcus Thomas

Music for many people is a form of expression. For Lucas Walters, it is the only thing that helps softens the impact of his mental health issues. Suffering from Bipolar disorder, he channels his deepest darkest thoughts through a musical alter ego na


Expression / Canada / Director: Jules de Niverville

TWITCH is a 5-minute experimental performance video incorporating contemporary dance, contortion and acrobatics. TWITCH chronicles the life-pulse of a creature in conflict: its stirrings/twitching/convulsions, its agonizing missteps and battle with demons. It’s an ode to overcoming dark energies that lie within, the embodiment of conflicting energy.

The Magic Shoes

Fiction / USA / Director: Sahand Nikoukar

Nine-year-old Iranian immigrant Kamron can’t seem to fit into the culture of early 90s Los Angeles, forcing him to wonder, is it the shoes?


Fiction / UAE / Director: Lubna Bagsair

Astray is a film about Haya, a self-obsessed, enigmatic Arab woman. She is arrested when caught in a compromising position with her longtime boyfriend, Hassan in a parking lot. Haya and Hassan are taken into a small local police station where an officer gives them an ultimatum: either get married to legalize their behavior or face a jail sentence for indecency. Haya must save herself while also keeping Hassan in the dark about her prior affairs.

Three Minute Warning

Fiction / UK / Director: Iqbal Mohammed

In Palestine, a 14 year old girl called Mariam cares for her disabled mother. One night, an Israeli “knock-on-roof” bomb is dropped onto their building allowing them only three minutes to escape before it is demolished. This emotional 11 minute drama depicts the reality of civilians in Gaza, Palestine.

The Absentees

Documentary / UAE / Director: Tanya Daud

The Absentees, is a story of thousands of Rohingyas, told through the voice of Raees – a refugee in Dubai. A story of identity, discrimination and the yearning for home.

El Noveno Horno

Documentary / Mexico / Director: Emmanuel Vargas

On the shores of San Miguel Miguel Octopan lives, a brick boy of just 14 years. Their economic status hinders their biggest dream, to go to university. However, your thinking what distinguishes a crowd of people, his conviction, his simplicity and hi