Tony Hawks

“Meet the Patrons” with Tony Hawks

We caught up with Tony Hawks to find out more about being a Patron for LABF…

What made you consider being a patron for LABF?

I’ve been to the Festival before, and I’m an admirer of its aims.

tony hawks
Tony on set of his film “Round Ireland with a Fridge” – based on his bestselling book.

How do your values correspond with the message of the Festival?

I’m a big believer in questioning everything without blindly following, simply because it’s the ‘norm’. I think this Festival encourages and nurtures free thinking.

tony hawks
Tony speaking at TEDxChisinau.

What compelled you to do the kind of work you do?

It’s in my heart. If I didn’t do it as a profession, I’d be doing a version of it as a hobby. I’m lucky to be getting away with it as a job!

tony hawks
Tony appearing on BBC Breakfast discussing his latest film, “Playing The Moldovans At Tennis”.

If you had to choose one thing that made you feel free, what would that be?

Thinking and expressing myself without persecution.

tony hawks
Tony on BBC’s “Have I Got News For You”.

If you could send one message to the whole world, what would that message be?

Work out what you really want. If that’s a peaceful happy world, then question everything that is done in the world (including everyday business and trade) and ask if that leads to the end goal you want.

tony hawks
Tony with Titch the micro pig on a charity cycle ride.

What does being free mean to you?

Being able to challenge and question without having to live in fear.


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