nadia nasir

nadiaNadia Nasir is an American producer.

Following her father’s lead in taking an invested interest in the world, Nadia has traveled to four continents, most recently returning from a year abroad in Tokyo where she completed an intensive Japanese language program at Waseda University.

When she is not working, Nadia continues her study of Japanese, writes fiction and poetry, and keeps up with her long-time hobby of drawing and painting.

Her avid interest in video games and comic books has helped fuel an appetite for good story across any and all media, and she enthusiastically supports Unusuality Productions’ fresh approach to film in an industry sadly beleaguered by sequels and remakes.

Nadia strongly believes in the power of all art as a form of expression and catharsis, and hopes to one day significantly contribute as an artist herself.

What is something you might not know about Nadia, just by looking at her?

In 2009, Nadia was the North Carolina State Champion of Poetry Out Loud: National Recitation Contest, an annual competition sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts.