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A Woman’s Place

Tina Ledger is author of ‘The Angry Lesbian’: a gender, sexuality and current events blog, dedicated to continuing discussions on queerness & feminism.

From an incredibly young age, our society’s gender expectations are made evident; young girls are given dolls houses, hair accessories and toy kitchen wear/dinner sets to entertain themselves with, whereas boys are handed fishing rods, footballs, tennis rackets and other sporting equipment. Essentially, boys are handed freedom, whereas girl’s gendered toys keep her confined in the home.

Male Nudity in Cinema – or lack thereof.

Writer, feminist, and film fanatic, Silvia Rose was Film Editor of the University of East Anglia’s newspaper ‘Concrete’, and has since moved to London from the mountains of North Wales to explore the Big City and find inspiration in it’s multi-cultural buzz and constant stimulation.

Cinema has always reflected cultural values, so one would think that in our apparently liberated and open-minded society that there would be less of a bias of nudity in film. However, there still exists a startling double standard in terms of what is shown on screen. Women’s bodies have always been on display, whether for artistic, pornographic, or more recently, advertising purposes, and this over-saturation within the media makes female bareness almost banal. Think of breasts. They’re everywhere, even in mainstream Hollywood blockbusters (maybe especially so). The female form is no longer restricted to daring art-house pieces; it is there for the taking, laid out to be looked at, criticised, or lusted after. Male sex organs are far less exposed.