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What Is The Definition of Being Free?

Our Patron Pinar Ögün discusses what she thinks the definition of being free could be…

The answer to this question becomes even more difficult to answer when you face restrictions, censorship, banning, or discrimination or furthermore when your voice just echoes in the emptiness and there is simply no one to hear it.

The more you think of limitations and boundaries, the more you realise that we are all trapped in a vicious circle as human beings.

It is simply endless to question the boundaries to be free and sometimes you would either be ignored or silenced when you speak the truth.

Because truth does not come with a style, it is always very simple and raw and so it is so hard, almost impossible for people to accept it.

Revealing, expressing, voicing the truth may break the chain and disturb the ongoing routine of life and you may end up as an outcast of the society, and put yourself in a vulnerable position.

Being free is the most difficult state of mind.

It could be just a moment of peace within oneself.

And so for me creating that moment of liberation is the first step of being an artist.

I believe the result most of the time is: unique.

There are endless stories, thoughts that may actually make a difference but we are so compressed with obligations and restricted with certain way of expressing ourselves that most of the time we lose the essence of why we want to tell a story or need to do it.

We seek for a constant approval, rather then making a point.

We are so afraid to offend that we would rather stay put.

We avoid taking risks and so become null most of the time.

We sometimes feel like we are free, afraid to question anything and then we teach ourselves to get along with it.

In some situations, it’s so difficult to identify violence, and that is because we never had the chance to observe the loop we were trained to survive.

That is why it is crucial to portray our vision, thoughts, experiences to spread it and make it available for others to observe and begin to ask questions.

Whichever way or form we choose to express what triggered us, it will end up challenging the viewers and that would make us one of a kind.

In other words: out of the box.

Let’s All Be Free Festival simply exists for you, and it is now in its fourth year.

I feel privileged to be a part of this Festival as the main reason for its existence is for us to exchange these thoughts around being free.

Today most festivals have developed a certain way of accepting projects. For them in order to be a storyteller, you need to work on their way of story-listening.

Ticking the boxes should not be the purpose of art. And short films should not be just a teaser for developing feature projects for potential filmmakers.

That’s why Let’s All Be Free is important for you as an artist to deliver your statement with a unrestricted form of art that is a short film.

Article written by Pinar Ögün

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